Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Bye Windows Live Writer, Welcome Open Live Writer

On December 11, 2015 through the Blogger Help Forum, Google has announced that Blogger users will no longer be able to publish their blog posts using Windows Live Writer (WLW). For WLW user, if they still want to be able to keep using it to post on Blogger, they need to migrate to Open Live Writer (OLW), an open source version of Windows Live Writer.

OLW is part of the .NET Foundation managed by an independent group of volunteers within Microsoft. It is based on WLW code and it will run side-by-side with the existing WLW installation.

Open Live Writer is like Word for your blog. Open Live Writer is a powerful, lightweight blog editor that allows you to create blog posts, add photos and videos then publish to your website. You can also compose blogs posts offline and then publish on your return. Open Live Writer works with many popular blog service providers such as WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, Moveable Type, DasBlog and many more (

So, if you currently using Windows Live Writer as your blog editor and when you try to get into your Blogger account it keeps returning the error message “Blogger returned the following error : NotFound: NotFound”, it surely the time to migrate to Open Live Writer.

You may download the Open Live Writer from ""

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